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 The Subversion of White Nationalism

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November 27, 2020, 08:18:51 pm
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The Subversion of White Nationalism
« on: November 27, 2020, 08:18:51 pm »
When one hears the term "controlled opposition", it is usually being used by one person to describe their suspicions of another person or group who is ostensibly on their side, but whom they feel is actually working for their foes.

But what if YOU were the "controlled opposition" yourself?

On a forum like Stormfront, with its broad diversity of opinions and viewpoints, there's plenty of finger-pointing betwixt incongruent views. Left versus Right, Christian versus Pagan versus Atheist, conflicting views on abortion, the role of women, on what political measures make sense, etc., etc.

But consider the vulnerability of the human mind, so easily swayed by outside influences. TV, radio... internet memes.

Plenty of people on Stormfront are well-intentioned pro-White activists... but many of them may have latched onto ideas which are harmful rather than beneficial to our cause.

Consider climate change denial. It's quite rampant in some circles. The Christian right wing seems especially on board with this perspective.

But what exactly is the underlying motivation for passionately denouncing human involvement in climate change? Why is it so important that it be denied?

In my opinion, it is really just a symptom of the American Christian right wing being subverted by big oil corporations. The idea is subtly planted, the flames are fanned, and suddenly people who should be focusing their energies on defending the White race and/or Christianity are vehemently advocating for the right of major oil corporations to rape Nature unimpeded.

That, in my opinion, is one significant example of White nationalism being subverted.

Other examples include being urged to hate other races. I fully accept that some individuals have every right and cause to feel genuine hatred, such as those who have lost loved ones to murder by non-Whites, or victims of rape or robbery or other abuse at the hands of non-Whites; but, the notion that a pro-White activist need arbitrarily hate non-Whites is foolish and counterproductive. In fact, it is liable to turn otherwise potentially sympathetic Whites away from our cause when they might otherwise wholeheartedly support it.

Then there's attitudes towards homosexuals. While there are indeed legitimate matters of concern surrounding the topic of homosexuality - disease issues, psychological issues, etc., etc. - homosexuality is similar to cancer in some ways. Particularly, in that no one ever asked to have cancer, and no one ever asked to be a homosexual. So, while we agree that cancer is bad, we also agree that it doesn't mean we should round up and shoot cancer patients for having cancer. Then why should we round up and shoot homosexuals for being homosexual? If we agree that homosexuality is bad, we should still understand that homosexuals are unwilling victims of a condition over which they have no say or control. And again, thinking one must arbitrarily hate someone for being homosexual does not help the pro-White cause; instead, it hinders it.

The bottom line is, White nationalism should be wholly and solely about the preservation, liberty and survival of the White race. Concern for the environment should go hand in hand with that; this is the only planet we have to live on so far. Separation from the other races is a simple matter of necessity in the course of thwarting genocide against the White race; hate has no role in this matter. And cures for cancer and homosexuality can be developed at leisure once scientists have the time to investigate and understand these phenomenon; again, no hate is required.

So introspect. Look into yourself and examine the attitudes and values you hold. And ask yourself of each: "Does this help or hinder the survival, liberty, and wellbeing of my race?"