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 There is No Moral Equivalence Between White Nationalists and Antifa

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August 23, 2017, 04:08:41 pm
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There is No Moral Equivalence Between White Nationalists and Antifa

What was to be a peaceful rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, descended into chaos when Antifa counter-protestors ran amok, assaulting White nationalists with baseball bats, bricks, flamethrowers and pepperspray. It was a display of wanton violence, culminating in several injuries and ultimately the death of one woman when the driver of a car attacked by Antifa members panicked and accelerated into other vehicles, causing them to strike other Antifa protestors.

A mainstream media traditionally biased against pro-White activists was quick to denounce “violent White supremacists” and direct blame towards the White nationalist demonstrators, but it is impossible to ignore that all of the violence rests squarely upon the shoulders of those who deliberately and maliciously attended the event with every intention of instigating acts of violence, arming themselves with a wide array of weaponry for that purpose.

Many Antifa promptly tried to claim the role of victim, blaming White nationalists for instigating the violence, in spite of the fact that many of the White nationalists were themselves armed with firearms but neither assaulted anyone nor fired upon anyone in self-defense with those weapons. And many tried to insinuate that Alex Fields Jr., the driver of the car which came under assault, had deliberately used his vehicle as a weapon.

Refusal to accept their responsibility for the death of one of their own is in perfect keeping with traditional Antifa standards. They place no value on such notions as truth, honour, or chivalry. Their only thought is to identify anyone who rejects Marxist values, and strike blindly at such.

Antifa members identify by a wide plethora of labels such as Anarchist, Democrat, Progressive, Red, but they are all spurred by Marxist ideology and can be fairly referred to in general as Communists. They try to claim a moral high ground over pro-White activists such as White nationalists and National-Socialists, loosely referring to all of these — and also Republicans, Libertarians, and many varieties of Christians — as “Nazis”. This, in spite of the fact that Communists are well-known to have murdered over a hundred million human beings across the globe, whereas claims of a “Holocaust” of six million Jews exterminated by the Nazis in the 1940s stumble over the fact that there were some 2.4 million Jews in all of German-occupied Europe at that time, and some 3.8 million Jews whom applied for Holocaust reparations after the alleged “Holocaust” ended.

What White nationalists stand for is the survival, liberty, and self-determination of their own people. When Jews do the same thing, they call it Zionism; and they call opposition to Zionism “anti-Semitism”. One could hardly argue that opposition to White Nationalism is anything other than anti-White in nature. And Antifa have gone to great lengths to carry out extreme and violent opposition to White nationalism, while supporting an ideology of genocide and enslavement. And only against White nationalism; not against Zionism, or Native Pride, or Black Power, or any other racially or culturally focused group.

So there is not even remotely any moral equivalence between White Nationalists and Antifa.

- Bill Noble

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