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 Ásatrú Under Attack — Yet Nothing to Fear

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August 27, 2017, 05:26:52 pm
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Ásatrú Under Attack — Yet Nothing to Fear
« on: August 27, 2017, 05:26:52 pm »
Ásatrú Under Attack — Yet Nothing to Fear
It’s not uncommon to see memes floating around on Facebook or other social media sites with themes like “Heathens Against Hate” or, perhaps a little less obscurely, “Heathens Against White Supremacists”. Both phrases are misleading; “Hate”, in this context, does not actually refer to hatred, and “White Supremacist” is a well-known but largely meaningless label typically applied to pro-White activists — or, for that matter, to any White who hesitates to leap whole-heartedly but mindlessly onto the “anti-racism” bandwagon.

Not content with having the vast, festering corpse of Christianity on their dinner plate, the multiculturalists have set their sights on Ásatrú. Ásatrú, for those who are not familiar with this faith, is a Folkish faith; i.e., like virtually any natural and healthy faith, it is a religion that complements a specific people. Any healthy religion belongs to a specific racial and cultural group, and is part of what helps to preserve that racial and cultural group. Just as Jews have Judaism, and any number of indigenous aboriginal peoples have their own traditional faiths, Northern Europeans have Ásatrú, the faith of their ancestors.

What happens when the multi-cult subverts a unique group’s ancestral faith? Generally it becomes, for lack of a better word, Christianized.

I don’t mean that everyone in the subverted faith actually converts to Christianity — but one might think that they had. The precepts and values of the subverted faith become displaced by ones readily associated with Christianity. Peer-pressure, mass compulsion, and using public shaming methods to brow-beat dissenters and assail individualism. Once the subversion is well under way, one begins to see people who claim adherence to the ancestral faith, yet who are cookie-cutter shaped hollow resonating chambers, standing around limply waiting for the opportunity to mouth the hollow platitudes of the multi-cult and say “… and these have always been the values of our faith.”

Generally, you don’t see scores and scores of real Ásatrú standing up to speak out against the multi-cult invaders. That’s because, in accordance with the Nine Noble Virtues, we are generally too courageous to fear that the invaders will have any impact on us, and too secure in self-reliance to feel threatened by the absurdity of those who claim the name of our faith yet whose words and actions deny that faith.

The meme that made me decide to write this editorial was one that said “Honour, not Blood”, and in the subtext stated that it didn’t matter who you were related to so long as your actions were honourable.

To put that into perspective — for, if such a meme exists, it indicates that some must find it perfectly reasonable — it’s like saying “You don’t need lungs; just as long as there’s air to breathe” or “as long as the feast table is well set with food and drink, people to attend the feast are unnecessary”.

What is honour if there is no one to carry it? What is a kindred without kin? Honour from stranger-folk is commendable and appreciable — but it remains the honour of the stranger-folk, and not of ours. We honour our ancestors and our descendants honour us.

For those who truly understand our faith, there is nothing to fear from the attempted subversion of Ásatrú by the multi-cult. It is a self-defeating assault; any significant inroads will only change the faith for those who choose to follow the subverted version, and those same significant changes will be readily visible, inspiring not fear but mockery from those who hold fast to the old ways. For those who follow the subverted way will for the most part vanish in the space of a single generation. Just as they cry “Honour, but forget the blood”, so will their descendants forget the faith of their parents. Their “faith” is hollow and blows away with the very wind they create with their own words.

So they will point at the Ásatrú and cry “Racist! Nazi! Hater! We are the real Ásatrú and you are not!” but they are no different from the Christian who likewise turns his faith into a soulless bandwagon for multiculturalism. The inevitable result of multiculturalism is the obliteration of any race, culture, or faith that gets sucked into its melting-pot and mixed inextricably with all other races, cultures, and faiths. So in the end, those who follow the Ásatrú of our ancestors will prevail, while those who whole-heartedly embraced its subversion by the multi-cult will perish as they burn in the very flames they chose to fan.

- Bill Noble

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