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 Canadian National-Socialist Party Policies & Platform

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August 31, 2017, 04:11:31 pm
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Canadian National-Socialist Party Policies & Platform
« on: August 31, 2017, 04:11:31 pm »
The basic platform of the Canadian National-Socialist Party is to establish a registered political party which offers policies that might appeal to Canadian voters disappointed by anything the existing major Canadian political parties - the Progressive Conservatives, the Liberals and the New Democratic Party - have to offer.

We aim to cater specifically to the needs of people of White European ancestry, and Aboriginal Canadians. Both are seen as having a legitimate claim to citizenship in Canada.

A key point of our political philosophy is the comprehension of what truly constitutes a Nation. In this era of ignorance and confusion, many people equate the term "nation" with a politically and geographically defined territory with borders and a government. In fact, the word "Nation", when properly used, is virtually synonymous with "race". In short, a Nation is a race, and a race is a Nation.

Canada is touted by many as a "multicultural nation", a phrase which is something of an oxymoron, the term "multicultural" essentially being a byword for "multiracial".  Immigration by people of all racial backgrounds is widely promoted by the currently dominant political parties. This results in a cacophonic state of struggle and resentment, as the natural inclination of people from different races and cultures is to compete for dominance when they are thrust together into a single territory.

In order to cultivate compassion, respect and understanding between various races and cultures, separation is absolutely necessary. Only a leader who is of his or her people can truly be in touch with the needs and desires of those people. If you have a country with multiple races and cultures, and one person to lead them, that person will inevitably treat one group more favourably than the rest - even if they struggle to do the opposite. This is because different people have different needs and desires, and it is therefore impossible to treat them all equally.

White Europeans and Aboriginal Canadians both have the same claim to the territory of Canada: the right of conquest. The Aboriginal Canadians conquered it from the people who preceded them, and we conquered it from the Aboriginal Canadians. The original inhabitants are now extinct, but many Aboriginal Canadians survived the conquest by Europeans.

Most people of other races came here as immigrants. Some others participated in the European conquest. These are unfortunate events which occurred due to ignorance on the part of people who did not fully comprehend the pertinence of maintaining National integrity.

The short-term goal of the Canadian National-Socialist Party is to secure Canada as a land exclusively for inhabitation by White Europeans and Aboriginal Canadians. The long-term goal is to then divide the territory between White Europeans and Aboriginal Canadians in order that each Nation of people can be ruled by leaders of their own people. The territory will be divided on the basis of: which people live in which areas, which territories are claimed by which people, and which territories are needed for resources to sustain the people in the areas which they live. Some separate territories may additionally be set aside for M├ętis people, in cases where neither White European nor Aboriginal Canadian territories wish to absorb racial admixture.

People of neither White European nor Aboriginal Canadian background would be stripped of citizenship and encouraged to leave Canada. This will be done gradually in order to avoid atrocity. A limit of one child per couple will be imposed upon all couples of neither White European nor Aboriginal Canadian background, with an exception for unintentional twin births. Any additional births will result in mandatory deportation of the couple and their children. The object here is to decrease the population of people of neither White European nor Aboriginal Canadian background. Since people generally cherish reproductive freedom, this mandatory child limitation is expected to encourage people of neither White European nor Aboriginal Canadian background to seek a home elsewhere; alternatively, if they wish to stay in Canada, it ensures the diminishing of their racial population here.

Aboriginal Canadians will be encouraged to devise their own government and legal systems, and to issue their own currency. This will build towards their ultimate separation and independence. The process of separation may take some time due to the current state of affairs and the dependence of many people upon the existing system and its resource distribution.