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 Thoughts on "anti-Semitism"

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November 26, 2020, 10:20:11 am
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Offline Leto Atreides II

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Thoughts on "anti-Semitism"
« on: November 26, 2020, 10:20:11 am »
A misleading term to begin with, "anti-Semitism" is used almost exclusively to describe resentment for Jews, neglecting resentment for Arabs even though they are racially Semitic as well.

But that's in perfect keeping with the general deceptiveness that invariably rides with the usage of that term. Generally when someone is accused of "anti-Semitism", they are being accused of hating Jews. However, it is evident that most usage of the term is politically motivated. More often than not, people who don't hate Jews in general are accused of being "anti-Semitic" if they speak out against the atrocities of Jewish supremacism. Palestinians objecting to the ethnic cleansing they face from their homeland are considered "anti-Semitic" because they don't want to face their own eradication without resisting.

As for pro-White activists, we are typically labeled as "anti-Semites" by Jewish supremacists because we object to their facilitating White genocide.

So, for those who make a fanfare about eliminating "anti-Semitism", here's a roadmap to ending resentment towards Jewish supremacists:

  • Stop promoting the myth of "White privilege".
  • Stop promoting third-world immigration.
  • Stop promoting race-mixing.
  • Stop characterizing pro-Whites as "hateful bigots".
  • Stop labelling White nationalism as "racism".
  • Stop promoting White guilt.
  • Stop promoting "multiculturalism".
  • Stop perpetuating the double standards that hold Whites to one set of values and non-Whites to another set of values. E.g. when Whites displace non-Whites and establish a new home for our race and culture you call it "colonialism" but when non-Whites displace Whites and establish a new home for their race and culture you call it "immigration". (And which do you call it when you eradicate Palestinians and replace their homeland with Israel?)

In a nutshell - STOP THE ATROCITY. Stop promoting and enabling the White genocide being carried out by replacing us with others. END the rape and genocide against our people that is so blithely referred to as "multiculturalism". Allow Whites the right to self-determination, survival, and liberty.

Do not wreak upon others what you'd not have done to your own.
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